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"It would be my honor and great pleasure to help your church experience the life-transforming power and freedom of  forgiveness.  I look forward to hearing from you."



Peoria, Arizona - near Phoenix

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"I am so glad to see Gil Mertz's beautifully written book Forgive Your Way to Freedom.  An important step to recovery is empowering people who thought they were powerless.  The many tools in this book give the reader the rare opportunity - the gift - of taking their power back.  Gil's book is loaded with  powerful stories, quotes, and techniques that help the reader find the path to through the darkness to let the sunshine in. This is truly healing stuff!"

Dan Stradford, Founder and President of Safe Harbor

"As long as we live with the human condition of sin, we will need to practice the virtue of forgiving others and ourselves, and accepting forgiveness. Gil Mertz's book Forgive Your Way to Freedom serves as a refreshing and much-needed guide in a hurting world about how we can change our lives and the lives of those around us by tapping into the transformative power and freedom of forgiveness."

Arina O. Grossu

Board Member, National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

"Gil Mertz is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. He’s a gifted communicator and a brilliant writer. Forgive Your Way to Freedom helps us navigate our way to a full life in Christ.  But to be set free, we have to be willing to forgive—and Gil shows us the path."

Todd Starnes, former host for Fox News Radio

"In this practical book, Gil Mertz not only points out the high cost of unforgiveness, but how we can leave the baggage of past hurts behind. If you want to travel through life with a spring in your step, this is the book for you!"

J. Kent Edwards, PhD, DMin  Professor of Preaching & Leadership at Talbot School of Theology and BIOLA University



“There are few issues today that impact our lives more than forgiveness. The challenge is not if we should forgive but understanding how to forgive, which Gil Mertz addresses so powerfully in Forgive Your Way to Freedom. The practical steps that are clearly outlined in this book can help anyone who is struggling to forgive find the peace, joy, and freedom they need. Well done, Gil! I highly recommend this book!”

Rich Bott, President/CEO of the Bott Radio Network

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