"There is no one who benefits more than us when we forgive,

and no one who suffers more than us when we don't."

Gil Mertz, Author and Speaker

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"Forgiveness is a core tenet of the Christian life, but it’s also one of the most difficult biblical commands to put into practice! In this thoughtful and inspiring work,  Gil Mertz shows us how forgiveness doesn’t just benefit those on the receiving end—it also brings us into greater joy and freedom."

"It is my pleasure to recommend the book Forgive Your Way to Freedom by my friend Gil Mertz.  In my travels over the years I have seen the ravages of war between nations, but I've also seen the personal war of the soul when people cannot forgive. I'm a big believer in freedom, and Gil's book offers hope and help to anyone who is looking to be set free through the power of forgiveness."

Here's what others are saying about Forgive Your Way to Freedom

Jim Daly, President

Focus on the Family

Lt. Col Oliver North, USMC 

Best Selling Author


"As a survivor of abuse, I know all too well how difficult it can be to forgive.

I also understand the power and freedom that comes when we can lay down our bitterness and anger and truly embrace forgiveness. Gil Mertz articulates the power of forgiveness so beautifully in this vulnerable and compelling book. It speaks to all of us."

Johanna Tropiano

Executive Director, The Mend Project

Let's be honest, EVERYBODY needs forgiveness

Forgiveness impacts every life, every relationship, every marriage, every family, every church, every business, and every community.

Forgiveness has the power to transform empty lives, restore broken relationships, reconcile hopeless marriages, heal hurting families, strengthen dysfunctional businesses, unite divided churches, rebuild entire nations and change the whole world!

And the reason why it has so much power is because when we forgive, that's when we are most like God.

Welcome to Forgive Your Way to Freedom.  We present forgiveness as a learned skill that anybody can do by walking them through the following four steps.

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Forgiveness is a commitment AND a process 

We want to forgive, but it's hard.  We try, but we are unable to forget how we've been hurt and our hurtful memories leave us stuck. 


Our painful past impacts our peace in the present and threatens to sabotage our purpose for the future.  These experiences can tattoo themselves on our hearts and leave indelible scars on our souls.  And if left unresolved, they can control how we think, which impacts how we feel, and ultimately determines how we live every day of our lives.

Once you've made a commitment to forgive, the first step is to fully understand the true meaning and full power of forgiveness. 

The second step is to resolve the pain of the past instead of rushing through the process so you can leave it in the past once and for all. 


The third step is to find peace in the present so you can manage your emotions instead of being controlled by them. 


The fourth step is to now move on with your life by reclaiming your purpose.  The book, Forgive Your Way to Freedom, will walk you through the entire process with practical teaching, illustrations, discussion questions, devotional thoughts, applications, prayers, and true stories from people who have forgiven their way to freedom.

You can experience the joy, power, and freedom of forgiveness starting today.  And once you're free, there isn't anything you can't do!

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eBook for Children

and Youth

Imagine the poor life choices and misery we could spare our children if we taught them at an early age how to deal with challenging relationships.

10 fun lessons with discussion questions that you can do with your kids or in a group setting.  And as you do them together you'll learn a lot about your kids, and about yourself!

25 pages which you can download right now for just $4.99

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